About Us

Contrail, a Seattle company, is dedicated to offering you the best travel bags and gear available. Designed and used by professionals worldwide, our passion is innovation and stylish design, using the highest quality materials that are ballistically built for constant travel.

Our Guarantee

Contrail bags are made with the highest quality standards and we proudly stand behind the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of our products. If any product fails due to material or workmanship, we will gladly offer a repair or replacement during the warranty period.

Our Warranty

The Contrail Story

Contrail, a Seattle based company, started with my desire to provide professional travel bags that meet the rugged demands of life on the road, feature innovative technology protection and pass through modern x-ray security lines with ease. In 2009 the aviation industry and traveling public started to realize some big advantages in travel. Technology’s ability to make products smaller, faster and lighter no longer required people to carry heavy bulky paper items. The result has made big boxy travel bags a thing of the past. One problem, computer bags built for an office setting are too flimsy to survive life on the road. Additionally, very few are TSA friendly, allowing your computer to stay safely protected in your bag while it passes through x-ray scanners. Frustrated and not willing to settle for the status quo, I designed my first travel bag for modern air crew and frequent fliers. Inspired by that first bag’s success and knowing I could innovate even further, I decided to start my own company.

I proudly introduce Contrail, a travel gear company dedicated to offering you the best travel bags and gear available. Assembling professionals passionate about travel and with over 40 years in combined aviation and bag design experience, the Contrail staff is a company that prides itself on innovation, style and customer satisfaction. You will find every Contrail bag uses only top quality materials, zippers and hardware. While anyone can design a black box and stick some pockets on the sides, we at Contrail understand you have invested heavily in your career; you are a professional and deserve the best. That’s why you will find innovative features, rugged construction, and stylish, professional design in every bag. As a family-owned business with deep roots in aviation, we depend on you to help spread the word. At Contrail we want to make certain you are 100% satisfied with your experience so your referral is with confidence and pride. Become part of the Contrail family, where every bag is TESTED for quality, TRUSTED by air crews and TRAVELED the world over. You will be glad you did.

Ron Bloom, Owner

*see return policy for details

About our Founder

I was seventeen years old when my uncle offered to take me flying for my birthday. Our destination was the fly in café at Harvey field outside Seattle, Washington. As we crested the tree tops, my uncle pulled the engine power off and we swooped in to a very short grass field landing. The lunch was unforgettable and I was hooked on flying.

After time as a flight instructor, I flew larger and faster airplanes in the San Juan Islands, the Grand Canyon, and Commuter Airlines. Hired at TWA /American Airlines in 1999 I started a family and soon found myself out of work due to the events of 9/11. Out of work for a year and a half, I was hired at America West / US Airways. Again, due to workforce reductions, I soon found myself out of work.

Recognizing a shift in the way airlines do business and a lack of compatible products, I started to design flight bags that marry the technical world, air crew demands and life on the road. I soon partnered with professionals in design, manufacturing, e-commerce, and distribution. The result is Contrail bags.

Designed by a pilot, with air crew feedback, real world life on the road experience and professional design construction, I believe we have developed the best flight bags on the market for our quickly changing technical world. Don't believe me? Try a test flight and see for yourself. If you are not satisfied, return it for a full refund.*

Contrail is a small company and we strive to meet all our customers' needs and welcome your feedback! I'm certain, once you try our bags you will have no hesitation recommending them to your friends and family. Until then, tailwinds.


*see return policy for details