Aviators: Seasons 1-3  Double Wide SBS Set (6 DVD's)

America’s Fighting Jetsis the definitive series on the aircraft that daily stand guard in defense of freedom.

Disk Count: 4

Run Time: Approx. 3 hours

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Aviators: Seasons 1-3 Double Wide SBS Set (6 DVD's)

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Experience the first three seasons of PBS’ hit series The Aviators on DVD. This handsome boxed set features 39 episodes of the acclaimed magazine program that spotlights the people, aircraft and destinations of the modern aviation industry. Candid interviews reveal what life is like for today’s pilots, crew and controllers, as they make life and death decisions and push technology to new heights. Hosted by pilots, The Aviators is sure to captivate seasoned fliers and armchair enthusiasts alike.


• Six-DVD set

• Contains the first 39 episodes of the popular PBS series

• Over 18 hours of programming, plus bonus interviews

• Shot in High Definition video

• Program highlights include:

- Hear from Miracle on the Hudson hero, First Officer Jeff Skiles

- See frightening on-board footage of a flat spin

- Interview with Mikey McBryan of TV’s “Ice Pilots”

- Can a kid can land an airliner?

- What does all that complex radio chatter mean?

- Spend a day with U.S. Marine fighter pilots at MCAS Miramar (formerly Top Gun)

- How to escape a submerged plane

- How to buy a used aircraft

- Train to fly an F-16 with the USAF Thunderbirds

- Fly along with Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil as he takes pilot lessons

- Tour the inside of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

- Learn how to prepare your plane for cold weather

- And much more!

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