Top Gun Air Power (4 DVD) Set

America’s Fighting Jetsis the definitive series on the aircraft that daily stand guard in defense of freedom.

Disk Count: 4

Run Time: Approx. 3 hours

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Top Gun Air Power (4 DVD) Set

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Made in USA!

Sit in the cockpits of America’s most amazing fighter planes, and get up close and personal with the F-15 Eagle, still regarded as one of the best jets in the world. Then, witness America’s jets at work during the Gulf War and watch the unbelievable process of an in-flight refueling mission. Finally, find out how we evolved from the early days of American aircraft to those of the 21st Century.

Product Features

  • Four hours of heart-pounding fighter plane footage
  • Go behind the scenes, in the cockpit and over war zones
  • Featuring four collectable films: Fighter Planes: Friend and Foe; War Over Iraq; Gunships, Tankers and Trainers, and Past, Present and Future

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