Aviation - A Filmed History  (24 DVD's) Set

America’s Fighting Jetsis the definitive series on the aircraft that daily stand guard in defense of freedom.

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Aviation - A Filmed History (24 DVD's) Set

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Since 1935, the National Archives has been responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and public dissemination of the permanent records of the United States government. Now, for the first time, select materials from this national resource and other talented filmmakers have been assembled to bring you the largest collection of Aviation history in one complete box set featuring everything from historical newsreel footage to documentary featurettes lensed and narrated by some of Hollywood's greatest names.

From America to Europe, experience bombers and jets, secret plans and spoiled plots:

Set #1: Classic Aviation From short flights across a field to the screaming hypersonic edge of space, tour dramatic moments in the history of flight.

Set #2: WWII: Air War Dramatic footage of US Army Air Forces, Bomber Groups, Thunderbolts, and more as they combat the Japanese, German, and Russian military forces. Features bombing missions, intense take-offs and landings, pleas for war bonds, and the talented voices of Clark Gable, James Stewart, and Lloyd Bridges.

Set #3: America's Fighting Jets Feel the "G" forces as you streak through the skies in aerial combat. Featuring stunning, archival footage of planes, pilots, and crews in action, this series offers a fascinating look into the intense world of F-15 Eagles, Stealth Fighters, Vipers and more.

Set #4: Fighter Pilots Ever dreamed of flying with the world's hottest fighter aircraft? Experience the thrill of the F-14 Tomcat, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-15 Eagle, and F/A Hornet from the skies of the Middle East to the skies of America.

Set #5: Military Air Power The flight action never stops! From the highs and lows of the US Air Force to the thrills of the Blue Angels, glimpse the world's most technologically advanced fighter aircraft and investigate the US government's military Stealth aircraft program.



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