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The Contrail FL350 travel case is the perfect blend of quality and design the modern traveling professional demands. At first glance, you immediately notice the quality and attention to detail that only a career in aviation and professional bag design can produce.


Very happy with the Contrail 350!

— Len D, American Airlines

I have been using my FL350 for a couple of months now. It is the perfect size for my iPad, 1" supplemental manual, pens, Advil, sunglasses, Mini Mag, etc. Handsome and holds up well. I highly recommend it to all pilots who don't need a flight kit anymore.

— Steve B, Capt A319/320/321, New American Airlines - CLT

The FL350 bag is just the right size bag for the professional pilot that uses an iPad or smaller computer on trips. Has just the right amount of storage in just the right places. I fly International trips and can't believe how much more convenient it is to carry this size bag. The quality is outstanding. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone!!

— Steve C DAL F/O 767

The bag is a great bit of kit. As we complete our transition from using paper manuals to iPads, I find the FL350 bag to be very compact, yet hold all of the essential items of professional gear I need for a trip. Thanks for making a quality product -- it's obvious this was designed by a pilot for pilots.

— Captain Fred B, American Airlines – 777

I’d like to have a chin waggle with you about these bags that Ron makes. Do a lot of travelling down under, the FL350 is perfect......empty, she holds 6 cold tines (beer)....pens, phones, and a regular assortment of things that can’t be mentioned here. I’ve dropped it, thrown it, had it thrown at me, spilt beer on....and she comes through short, she’s a beauty!!!!......the FL420 is on order...I need something that holds an even dozen...cheers.

— Kiwi, AWA, Capt., Airbus 319/320/321

I am thus far very happy with my FL350. It fits everything I need to carry with me very well. When we dump the need to carry the 10-1's and enroutes it will only get better. Very satisfied and have told all I fly with "just what are you waiting for, this thing is great!"

— Mike F. Captain, American 767 Intl.

I like my FL 350 bag, I need to put my flashlight and my reflective vest in my suitcase until enroute charts are iPad approved. The iPad fits nicely in the back, in the next compartment I have 2 divisions of enroute charts along with sunglasses and cheaters. The next compartment had paper checklists and recent bulletins (thin) and in the front I have the iPad hypercharger with cord, and my headset. That’s it, it's stuffed full.

— Bob D, AA 777 CA

Flight Test – FL350 iPad Flight Kit by Contrail

Recently, I had the pleasure to “flight test” a brand new, iPad specific pilot flight kit designed by Ron Bloom. With the global paradigm shift in the airline industry towards tablet computers, and away from paper, the need has arisen for a “new generation” pilot kitbag. Since the iPad (and other tablet computers) can remove about 35 pounds of bulky paper from the traditional airline pilot flight kit, the need to drag an oversize flight bag through airports is now non-existent.

The Contrail FL350 pilot flight kit solves the problem. This flight bag is an excellent solution for pilots who are no longer required to carry the traditional paper reference materials.

On a recent trip from Los Angeles to Shanghai China I had the opportunity to load up a FL350 and flight test one of these new iPad kit bags. I currently fly 777’s for a major US airline that has eliminated most of the paper that our pilots have to carry in their flight bags (my airline still requires us to carry paper enroute charts for the division that we are flying).

The FL350 was a real pleasure to use. A note about the quality of this flight bag – the construction of the bag, the material selection, and the zippers are all top quality. The location of the zippered compartments, and the interior capacity inside those compartments is superb. This bag should provide years of excellent service.

The front compartment includes a soft lined pocket for a cell phone (large enough for a Samsung Galaxy II), a passport pocket, room for business cards, and netted accessory pockets for iPad connection cables with room to include a portable GPS antenna. There is also a pen/stylus specific location, and room for reading glasses, and a flashlight.

Compartment two, includes space for the paper flight plan and an international travel documents folder.

I used the main compartment space (which has two zippers and a very deep capacity) to store my paper enroute charts. On top of the main compartment is a heavy-duty handle so that the FL350 can be carried like a traditional briefcase if the pilot so desires.

Additionally, the FL350 comes with a shoulder strap, and the backside of the bag also has a fixed strap so that the bag can be secured over the top of a luggage handle. There is a special small pocket built into to the back of the bag so that an identification card can be securely held in place. Yet another excellent feature of the FL350 flight bag is the security functionality, which allows the user to unzip the iPad storage area, and butterfly the bag open for the TSA x-ray inspection. This feature allows the bag to lie flat across the scanner and the iPad or other computer does not have to be removed from the bag.

Both “halves” of the bag have enough space to store an iPad in each side if desired. One internal compartment is large enough to carry a small laptop such as the 13” or 11” MacBook Air, or Lenovo ThinkPad. For my trip, I carried one iPad, and one 11” MacBook. Everything fit perfectly.

The final compartment in the back of the bag includes a “hard-sider” insert to further protect the iPad from damage in case the bag is accidently dropped, squished, or otherwise compressed.

Since I am a commuter, I greatly appreciated the size of the FL350. There is room for magazines, or other reading materials. The bag is “right sized” to easily fit under the passenger seat – even on smaller jets like the RJ.

Using the bag in flight was easy and intuitive. On the 777 aircraft, the bag fits nicely on the tables to the left and right of the pilots. This makes accessing charts, pens, and anything else inside the FL350 very easy.

I found the bag to be superior to the old, traditional flight kit. It’s so nice to get away from the heavy, oversized kitbag! The FL350 has been specifically designed for pilots who use iPads or other tablet computers on the flight deck, and I’m sure it will be a big hit with all pilots who no longer have to carry the legacy paper reference materials.

— Hank P. Jr., Captain, Boeing 777

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If the FL350 is a bit too compact for you, the FL370 will fit the bill. The FL370 can hold multiple tablets, large headsets and most 13" laptops. This Flight Bag is easy to carry and a breeze to stow quickly. Ideal for the discerning aviator with a sense of style.


I have a 370 which is perfect for my 777 Long haul trips, also use a 350 for my "long and short haul" Vans RV 6A light airplane trips.

Steve C.
American Airlines
777 Captain DFW


I’ve been using my FL370 for almost a year and it has performed flawlessly.  Great quality and construction and the perfect size for all my trip international gear including my iPad and my laptop with plenty room left over for all the other essentials.  Very nice bag, easily the best kit bag I’ve ever owned. 


Jay L.
Honeywell International, Inc.
Falcon 7X / 900

Hi Ron,

I saw your bags in the CLT crew room and was intrigued.  After actually spending quite a bit of time looking over the 3 bags you had on display, I chose the FL370.  I have to say, “I love the bag”!!  It was exactly what I needed.  The bag is built very sturdy.  The zippers work wonderfully.  I love all the different compartments.  The security pouch is the best.  Since I fly international, and they don’t have “Known Crewmember” overseas, the security pouch is needed.  I’ve never been asked to take my computer out of my bag since my purchase; all I do is unzip the pouch!  The size of the FL370 is great for what I need to carry around these days.  It fits a ton of stuff yet still fits nicely under a seat when I commute to work.  I think I’ve sold quite a few bags for you.  I show it to everyone I fly with.  And, the response from other pilots has been great.

Your bag is a great product.

Joe H.
Captain, 767

Please accept my testimonial to the quality and utility of Ron’s Contrail Bags.

I fly the 777 for UAL out of EWR. Also, I am a commuter, and do mostly long-haul, Asia trips.

I own both the FL350 and FL370, and use my Contrail bag on every trip..

Personally, I prefer the 370 for my long trips, as I like 'all the comforts of home' while on the road. When flying domestically, I use the 350, which is super-compact and efficient.

The thicker, FL370 handles all my numerous, international needs, but still is compact enough to fit easily under the seat in front of me during my commuting flights.

On the 777 flight deck, either bag hangs nicely on the hook at my left elbow, and once again, is compact enough to not be obtrusive in any way.

If you want a very useful case, well built and designed by a pilot FOR pilots, you must have a Contrail bag. You will not be disappointed!

P.S.: Ron’s customer service is fast, personalized, and second to none.

Doug E.

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The largest of the FL300 series flight bags, the FL390 was designed with input from pilots at Alaska and Horizon airlines. The FL390 introduces exclusive, patent-pending corner protection that not only keeps your bag up out of the elements but is replaceable when necessary. With its customizable interior, the FL390 can change as quickly as your travel demands.

Limited Time Bundle Offer!

Order your FL390 now and take advantage of our special limited-time bundle offer. You get the FL390, shoulder strap, our 2x4 open removable pocket and a set of 5 extra foot pads.

To order or learn more, choose your shipping destination from the dropdown selector below.

Where are you shipping to?

Hey Ron,

Actually, I was going to email you and tell you how much I like this bag! It is just the perfect size – it easily fits under the seat when on the rare occasion I get a seat in the back when commuting to work. It also holds everything I need to take with me – my work iPad, my personal iPad, laptop, all of the charging equipment needed, as well as pens, passport, etc.

It is a vast improvement over the backpack style bag I was using before. AND, I have recommended it to several friends. One of the pilots I just flew with commented on the bag and liked it, so I gave her one of your cards.

The quality seems very good also.


Marilyn M.
F/O, 747-400

Hi Ron,

Just returned from DFW and recurrent training. This was my first opportunity to use my new 390 bag. I am very pleased with it so far. It has exceeded my expectations. It's a perfect size and shape to manage all my essentials and then some. I am so impressed with the quality and usefulness I'd like to purchase another one. 

I'm just say'n

Scott M.
American Airlines
F/O, 757/767


This is the first trip I've used the 390 I just bought. I do like it. It keeps my stuff well organized. I'm finishing up a 4 day trip tomorrow and like it much better the the backpack I was using before. It's a very good middle sized bag and perfect for what I need.

Johannes R.
American Airlines (former America West)
F/O, A-321


My FL390 arrived just in time for me to use during my trip down to DFW for my AAL recurrent training.

I transitioned to the FL390 from the standard leather kitbag that was basically a box.  What a difference!


  • The specifically designed-compartments for laptop, passport, glasses, etc. really made my life a whole lot easier.
  • Size is perfect for me, reducing the footprint in the cockpit.
  • Weight is reduced for me as well, which is always a plus for the never-ending game of “Bag Drag” that we do to/from/during work.


  • Top-notch.  Looks, feels, handles like a high quality piece.
  • Zippers, small carbiner inside to stow your keys (nice touch!), color, etc.

Well done!

I’ll be spreading the word with the folks I fly with.

Keep up the great work,

American Airlines
F/O International, 737

I have been an airline pilot for 15 years and have seen many different bags. The FL390 flight bag from Contrail Bags is the best flight bag I’ve ever used. Ron, the owner of Contrail Bags worked closely with us at Horizon Air and with our fellow pilots at Alaska Airlines to develop the FL390 flight bag. This flight bag is now a required uniform item at Horizon Air because of its quality and ability to protect our iPad which is required for flight.

Since we started using the FL390 at Horizon Air, we have not had a single iPad damaged while in the bag. I highly recommend the FL390 bag and Contrail Bags to any pilot.

Geoff Nelson
Flight Operations Technical Pilot
Horizon Air

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The FL400 was designed with input from pilots at Alaska and Horizon airlines. The FL400 is the "big brother" of the FL390. Featuring a massive Six inch deep main pocket, a wider and slightly taller silloute than the FL390, the FL400 has a TSA friendly design for laptops larger than 13 inches.  Patent-pending corner protection not only keeps your bag out of the elements but is replaceable when necessary. You'll immediately notice the attention to detail including 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK zippers and magnetic, embossed leather handles. With its customizable interior, the FL400 can change as quickly as your travel demands. Integrated magnetic closures quickly align handles and pockets while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance.

Limited Time Bundle Offer!

Order your FL400 now and take advantage of our special limited-time bundle offer. You get the FL400, shoulder strap, our 2x4 open removable pocket and a set of 5 extra foot pads.

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The Contrail FL420 has twice the space for a bit more gear than the FL400. From the top grain leather handle to the high density corner protection feet, the FL420 is designed for the traveler who has a few more essentials that must always be at their side.


I love the 420 contrail bag, it's perfect for international flights where you need a tad more room. Plenty of room for iPad and Macbook plus much more. The top access is great for fitting in the slot on the A330 where flight bags used to go and not a tight fit at all so it's an easy in and out. The compartments are well thought out and keeps everything organized and protected. Durable and well made. Fantastic bag.

Karl C.
A330 PHL


The Contrail FL440 travel case is for the serious traveler who needs lots of space. From the top grain leather handle to the high density corner protection feet, the FL440 is a must for the gear-heavy traveler.


FL 440 cheers

I ordered the FL 440. I needed the biggest bag due to me being a Federal Flight Deck Officer and having to carry a weapon. This bag has more than enough room for headset, gun, ammo, laptop, reading material, and extra room for a little food. This bag is heavy duty. Well built, with good strong zippers and thick ballistic material. It's big enough to carry everything I need but doesn't interfere with seat movement. I have had many bags but this is by far the best I have ever owned.

Todd P
737 Captain
Alaska Airlines

I’ve been using Contrail bags since their beginning. Aside from the quality and versatility, As our required equipment to carry and our personal ‘Carrys’ change, they constantly upgrade their designs and sizes to meet our needs. Great customer service too!

Jeff K
American Airlines
F/O Airbus 321 PHX

Ron, two trips with the 440 and its working better than I had hoped. The bag is roomy and well designed, and with the 'holiday package' velcroed pockets, it can be organized any way you want. At the end of the flight day, I'm able to return my myriad of electronics and personal items to their designated place, and be on my way worry free within 5-10 minutes. Peace of mind baby, that's what makes the bag so worth its weight in gold. And to conclude my long winded review, the quality of the bag is outstanding, the material, stitching, and zippers are first rate and rock solid. Thank you for the superb craftsmanship.

Steve B
Legacy American West (LAW)
Captain A320

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